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 Store Suggestions

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PostSubject: Store Suggestions   Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:13 am

I know theres probably tons of these suggestions but incase they've expiered or something like that.
So what I want to suggest :
The Buy option and the amount.

About the Buy :
Instead of buy 10 can you make either : Buy 50/100 or try and make the Buy X button if possible.

About the store :
In some stores there isn't enough of the items to buy.
E.G - Potions in the store
E.G - Runes in the ruenes store

How many of each :
Potions - 1 - 10k of each should do
Runes - 20m of each should bo because everyone is buying barrages with ghostmouse which is basically ruining the economy.

IGN : Born2bewild
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Store Suggestions
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