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 banned for questioning brent? plz read this

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x p1k4choo x

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PostSubject: banned for questioning brent? plz read this   Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:21 pm

today me and a few people were pking at gdz when x x x teles there. we pked him ags,vesta then we start running to go tele all of a sudden the server dced we all log back in still have ags and stuff. so we hit 24 wild when all of a sudden ags disappears from my friends inventory...... so i go ask brent if he removed it from his inventory and then brent flips out saying no i f*** didnt idiot... i say uh ok i was just asking dont have to spaz. then he's like banned... and banned me on the spot my name is x p1k4choo x and was wonder if that is a legit ban cause i think it's not plz read this and tell me. ty
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banned for questioning brent? plz read this
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