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 inf glitcher problem + peeka abuse

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stonecold pk

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PostSubject: inf glitcher problem + peeka abuse   Wed May 13, 2009 2:33 pm

for about a week now 4 infinity players + a voider have been ruining the 115-125 edge wildy by multiglitching, and not a staffmember does a thing, so some of us get up the hill to get back at them, and o w n 3 d attks me and vls claw glitches me, l8r i come back she has called her mate peeka, which simply lets her vls glitch ppl as i see since he simply says she cud vls glitch me, since i wus glitching, so i try to tell him i only maged a glitched for 1 time and only 1 hit but he is to lazy to listen simply says no im not listening, and then i get mad simply cus these ppl can just glitch w/e they want and not a staffmember does a thing, then sum1 wants to fix it and boom, suddenly theres staff.
After sum time he jailes me, for fcglitching from hill ( 1 hit , cus inf wus glitching and i stopped him from glitchclawrushing with his m8s by freezing him ) and he does not jail o w n 3 d while she has just glitched 2, which she has no right to even if id have glitched, just like for example u have no right to xlog if being massed. and he mutes me... imo that shud be a demote but idk.
inf ppl btw:

Fury Souls
Dj Hype
Rapid Fire
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inf glitcher problem + peeka abuse
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