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 Glitch "::changepassword"

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PostSubject: Glitch "::changepassword"   Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:51 am

Hello, and welcome to this Thread! (:

I've been a member of Oblivionpk for over a year now, some of you may know me, some of you may never have heard of me! Razz

But, I used to play here for pking and fun and I have made a couple of guides and what not and I was sorta known in this community, but I feard a friend I knew in real life was going to hack my accs because I had like 1-20b cash.

So, first thing I decided to do was change ALL my passwords on all of my accounts, and I can name everysingle one of them; Dizzy baller, Dirty dss, Dirty maul & Delif3d there might be a couple others, but those were my main accounts.

If you need proof I have picture proof of "Dizzy baller" & "Delif3d" pictures, the rest I can only say "X tanksta X" Mod "Luke" can vouche for me that those other accounts ARE 100% mine, and I would like them back, because restarting over, and over again is really annoying! Razz

So please, if you can and have spare time PLEASE help me recover my old accounts back! :/

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Glitch "::changepassword"
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